New Year’s Fair 25th Dec 2016

The New Year’s Fair
8:30am, Sunday 25th December 2016.

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Would you like to take part in this event?
Children can also make Mochi rice cake with us. Join us for FREE. Each child can get one Mochi cake as a gift. This is our present to all child visitors.

We pound mochi rice to make traditional New Year’s Mochi-cakes.  In Japan, it is traditionally made in a ceremony called “Mochitsuki”. Freshly pounded mochi is stretchy and fluffy. It is eaten with “kinako” (Soybean Powder). Try our Mochi cakes! It is very fluffy and tasty. Surely you will like it. You can also see interesting handmade New Year’s ornaments in our event.

Try our delicious Mochi cakes for only 200 yen per set of 5.
You can reserve it in advance.

Please come to our Event!

This event is the last in this year. (They stated that we got old! Is that so? I don’t think so.😊)

Thank you.
See you soon.


Mochi info. PDF




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